Machines in Heaven

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Best Electro Act at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards (SAMA), Glasgow bass/shoegaze group Machines in Heaven materialized in 2011, their harmonious digital collisions nearly covers the whole aural gamut, with Radiohead, Clark, Pixies and Glasgow's decibal-decimating pioneers Mogwai sharing experimental space with genres including bass culture, Warp and Detroit.

America's MTV describing them as 'an intriguing collision of varied influences, with nods to everything from shoegaze to Prince and Aphex Twin', and Billboard comparing them to A Certain Ratio and Durutti Column, while closer to home media including CLASH and The Herald waxed lyrical about the debut LP, the latter citing it as "one of the finest to come out of Glasgow in many a year".

Ætheric Anomalies provided gig visuals and videos for their debut EP The Glasgow Jihad

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