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Ætheric Anomalies was formed out of the visual exploits of the Psychogeographical Commission. Having produced live visuals and videos for various projects it was a natural progression to take in external work.

We've worked closely with other bands, creating Videos and live visuals for the bands 'Machines in Heavens' and '(AistoB)', and provided visuals for many of the musical artists appearing at the monthly 'A Little Bit of Theatre' nights and special one off feature nights at the 13th Note Glasgow and at The Art School, Glasgow.

Ætheric Anomalies recently carried out commission from The DDN for a series of five album covers


Ætheric Anomolies' visuals bring gigs to life.

Neil Morrison - (AistoB)/Promoter (Griefcore)

Works great to deadlines, psychedelic, creative when working with vague demands, Pink Lilies was a testament to his prowess, would recommend to anybody interested in visceral punchy visual backdrop at any performance

Tim - The DDN/Promoter (Pink Lilies)

'Bela Lugosi's Dead' by (a is to b)

'Bela Lugosi's Dead' by (a is to b)

'bordersbreakdown' by Machines in Heaven

'bordersbreakdown' by Machines in Heaven from the EP 'Glasgow Jihad'
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