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Ætheric Anomalies are the various solo Audio/Visual and Live exploits of S.: from the Psychogeographical Commission.

After creating eye-popping live visuals for the bands 'Security', '(AistoB)', Machines in Heaven', 'the DDN' and many of the artists appearing at the monthly 'Little Bit of Theatre' nights, special one off feature nights and all day festivals around Glasgow, S.: has produced an increasing number of videos for projects including 'Hawthonn', Danny Hyde's 'Aural Rage' Project and the bands listed above.

Ætheric Anomalies has also produced a series of album covers for 'the DDN' as well as all the artwork for the Yuan Mekong/the DDN split cassette release 'Electric Ocean/Polluted Deep' and the packaging design for Security's DVD releases 'Alpha', 'Beta' and 'Gamma'.

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Ætheric Anomalies DVD

Ætheric Anomalies have performed numerous times over the last couple of years at various events, culminating in the release of a DVD cataloguing six of the best sets. These sets consist of films distilled down to 16-20mins, manipulated with an original soundtrack added.

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